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Artisan Workshop Series – June 2018

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May 18, 2018
The Allied Arts Council of the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce will conclude the silver anniversary celebration in June, with an Artisan Workshop Series of “How to….” topics of local interest.   “Creativity displays itself in different forms and excitement,” says Dwight Richardson, Allied Arts Council member and Silver Celebration Chairman.
In 2018, The Allied Arts Council celebrated 25 years by offering a variety of arts related activities to all residents of Cleveland and Bradley County and surrounding areas. “The committee selected June, because of the diverse interest of children and adults alike,” shares Richardson. “These workshops are designed to bring out the creativity within.” 
An Artisan Workshop will be held each Thursday evening, in June.  Participants can pick and choose topics such as: how to be an author, how to be a storyteller, how to be a movie critic and how to be a song writer.  “Each workshop will be taught by someone who has had the aspirations you have had.  The only difference is they had someone to teach, guide and help them begin the process,” explains Richardson.  “You must start somewhere and start somehow…these professionals will inspire you to begin fulfilling your dreams and your secret passion for being creative.”
The first session entitled, “How to become an author” on Thursday, June 7, will feature a panel composed of Bonnie HathcockJoel W. Huffstetler and C.K. Phillips, published authors. The second session of the series, “How to become a storyteller” on Thursday, June 14, will feature  Judy Baker, acclaimed member of the Cleveland Storytelling Guild.  The third in the series, “How to become a movie critic” on Thursday, June 21, with Rob Alderman of the Alderman Group.  The final session in series “How to become a songwriter” on Thursday, June 28, with Tim Poteet, recording artist and published songwriter.
Each Artisan Workshop Series will be held at the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce, beginning at 7 p.m.  Advance reservations are required and may be purchased at the Chamber office for $5.00 or by registering on the Chamber’s Event Calendar at www.clevelandchamber.com.  For additional information contact Dwight Richardson at 423-715-0030.
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